What do we do?

Overview of practice areas


  • Admissions
  • Exclusions
  • Special educational needs and equality
  • School Transport
  • General policy etc


  • Disciplinary and grievances
  • General advice: contracts and policy


  • Local government Ombudsman
  • Judicial reviews
  • Standards/members/constitutional

Through extensive experience we are fully aware of the powers and constraints placed on Local Authorities. We have an invaluable understanding of the conflicting pressures and financial limits within the public sector.

With reductions in Councils’ budgets constantly being announced, it follows that resources within Local Authorities will become more and more stretched. It is highly likely this will lead to some reduced services, which in turn may lead to an increased number of legal challenges against Local Authorities. Whilst Allen and Co can assist in dealing with such challenges through the High Court or Local Government Ombudsman, we would prefer to have the opportunity to help you avoid such action, by employing our skills at an early stage. We can help ensure that Local Authorities perform and invoke their duties and powers appropriately, in increasingly challenging times. The provision of legal advice early on can, in most cases, save time and money in the long run.

What DON’T we do?

Not doing the following, allows us to focus on what we do best

  • family disputes/divorce
  • criminal litigation
  • wills and probate
  • property
  • debt collection
  • planning and highways
  • adult social care